Zhuhai Yebo Precision Manufacture Ltd.

3 USB 5V 4.4A charger

APPLICATION: Mobile phone、Tablet、iPad、Mp3 etc

3 USB 5V 4.4A charger

Input Voltage                             100〜240VAC

Input Frequency                         45〜65Hz

Output Voltage Range                 5V

Output Current Range                 4.4A

Output Power                            22W Max

Output port                               3USB 

Housing Size:                             60.5*51.5*28.8mm

Colour                                       white  black

FEATURES:  LEVEL VI / Over Current protection/ Short circuit protection


Operation temperature                    0 to +40

Operation relative humidity              20% to 85%

Storage temperature                       -40 to +70

Storage  humidity                           10% to 95%