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Hardware, refers to the use of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals through processing, casting tools, used to fix things, processing things, decoration and so on.

Hardware types are:

1. Locks 2, Handles 3, Doors and Windows 4, Home Decoration Hardware 5, Water Heating Hardware 6, Building Decoration Hardware 7, Tools 8, Bathroom Hardware 9, Kitchen Hardware, Home Appliances。

Hardware process is based on the production needs of cutting, after opening up, such as small parts production can go to the punch and then cutting or CNC processing, which in glasses accessories, automotive parts production many. And to make containers: is to carry out cutting punch to burn welding, and then sanding after fuel injection, and then assemble the parts can be shipped. For hardware accessories, there are many surface treatments, such as plating or fuel injection. Then welding or screwing, assembling, packing and shipping.